Popping the cork!

Marc Lajeunesse – Dissertation cork, 2008.  In introducing Marc at his defense talk, I referred to him as my Dick Cheney.

A long-held tradition in E&EB at Cornell (and probably at most institutions) is that of popping a cork when graduate students meet particular milestones. The bubbly can take many forms, from Champagne to sparkling water.  For us, the most familiar events are the “A” and “B” exams, for passing the qualifying exam (to become a PhD candidate, typically at the end of the 2nd year) and the thesis defense (typically between 5-6 years into the program).  As a immortal mark on Corson Hall, the celebrant circles the dent in the ceiling tile and signs the damage. Below are excerpts from our most recent celebrations!  Congratulations Marjorie, Lina, Jacob, & Katie!  After we successfully dent the ceiling tiles, the event is immortalized with a sharpie and initials!




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