Happenings of 2023 – a photo blog

PXL 20230508 160636176
Lab retreat, moving around to some special spots in central NY, here with skunk cabbage at Eames Bog
PXL 20230523 175722009
Christophe with special visitor, Susanne Dobler, who spent three weeks in Ithaca to work on beetles and the specialist sequestering herbivore syndrome project
Nathaniel carlson
Nathaniel Carlson presenting his senior thesis
PXL 20230508 184915087
Lab retreat, here visiting Fillmore Glen State Park
PXL 20230420 141815662
Dropping in to see collaborators Mackenzie Hoogshagen and Jaap de Roode at Emory University
Getting the lab back together, with many current and former members at the Gordon Research Conference
IMG 20230211 190841
Kelley grows 37 species of Oenothera (and the all flower)!
20221105 121713
A visit from Rick Karban, here at Watkins Glen State Park with Jennifer and Rob
IMG 20230625 202522
Shirley connects with Marjorie Weber at the Evolution meeting in Albuquerque
PXL 20230601 130928431
Max manipulating spongy moths on oak saplings at the Polson Preserve
PXL 20230529 141625971
Getting the sequences right, Susanne Dobler helps us align sodium pump sequences
With Nathaniel after graduation
pig spring 2023
Plant Interactions group in spring 2023

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