Outreach: from elementary schools to diversity in graduate school

Folks in the lab are frequently engaged in outreach activities, ranging from visits to elementary schools to high school teacher training. In the past year, we have visited South Seneca and Belle Sherman elementary schools in Ithaca, and the Lincoln Street Elementary School in Waverly, NY.  We also participate in Expanding Your Horizons events, Cornell Entomology’s InsectapaloozaCornell Institute for Biology Teachers, the Diversity Recruitment Weekend, and other events. Below are pictures from the “Butterfly Curriculum Enrichment” in Waverly Elementary 1st & 3rd grades from May and October 2016.

Amy with the milkweed insects
DSC 0058
Amy in Waverly

DSC 0068

May 2016
Patty and Amy in Waverly, NY (May 2016)
Katalin in the classroom
Oct 2016
Oct 2016, Waverly Elementary School. habitat creation!
0505113825 MG 3733
Anurag participating in the Cornell Institute for Biology Teachers summer institute
div recruit1 by lina
By Lina (April 2017)
EYH by Lina1
Expanding Your Horizons event on the Cornell campus (April 2017)
div recruit2 by lina
Diversity recruitment weekend (April 2017)


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