Gordon Conference – Cornell connections

The women of Cornell’s plant-herbivore group (Jennifer, Natasha, Zoe, Katja, Katie, Lina, and Aino) recently returned from the plant-herbivore interactions gordon research conference. Pictures below by Jennifer Thaler.  As usual, Jennifer described the GRC as a love-fest, seeing old friends and meeting new colleagues.  Especially fun for those in attendance (I was home looking after the family) were all of the Cornell connections, past to present, some of which are pictured below.

Katie, Lina, and Zoe in the lobby filter feeding on people passing through. Fully caffeinated.
Katja, Jennifer, and Karina Boege… sabbatical planning.
Former Cornell postdocs Clare Casteel, Jared Ali, and Ian Kaplan before the jello shots were consumed. Dessert was not a highlight of the meeting.
Shannon Murphy, Paul Feeny’s last grad student, here wearing her poster. Ooops, not legal to post these unpublished data.
Sara Hermann, Jared Ali, Susan Whitehead, Amy Trowbridge, and Carmen Blubaugh. Big hair not looking the camera = Asher
Will Wetzel, Katja, Susan Whitehead, and Megan Blanchard.
Lora Richards, Jimmy Fordyce, and Andrea Glassmire






Georg Petschenka and Tobias Zust. Clock says 2a.m., bar still open.
Mark Hunter with Zoe and Natasha, some on-the-spot modelling of predator-prey interactions.
Two more former Thaler Lab postdocs, Cesar Rodriguez-Saona and Will Wetzel.
Late night snacking on olives with Jonathan Gershenzon, Lora Richards, Tobias Zust, Will Wetzel, Jared Ali (thanks for the photo!), Andrea Glassmire, Clare Casteel, Beth Pringle, and Georg Petschenka.
Jenn visits Rick Karban in Davis, CA, before the meeting.  Fabulous to be back at the mother ship.

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